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The Gestation of the Trump Presidency

from Sacramento, California to Washington, D.C.


There are four stages in the ascendancy:

1 - There Are in Fact Problems

From 1945 to 1975 is known as the “Golden Era” in American economics. During the Golden Era young people (myself then) could expect to own a home and support a family – with a mother who was at home -- and they expected their children to do better, to have an increasing standard of living. Instead, it soon developed that wives needed to work to help support the family.

After 1975 growth declined. We entered “Stagnation Time” terminating in the banking collapse of 2008 and “Great Recession.” From 1975 to the present day the fortunes of the middle class declined amidst a flood of goods to possess. And amidst the rising wealth of the upper economic class.

The real, median income in 2015 was less than that in 1998. Today 40 million Americans get food stamps. Great Recession brought on by the adventures of the unregulated banks both amplified and illuminated the end of the Stagnation Time. And the entry of the “Time of Rebellion.”

The “Problem” has many more facets you can name. Too many to cover here. Economics is but one. One that many will agree on. Social and economic performance is mixed in reality and in perception, as it must be. Democracy – rule under the review of the people – is the best but most difficult form of government, but liberates the forces of opinion management.

2 - The Citizenry Perceives a Bad-Government Problem

How did such a perception develop?

The Creation of Group Mind

“The conscious and intelligent manipulation of the organized habits and opinions of the masses is an important element in democratic society.” “Those who manipulate this unseen mechanism of society constitute an invisible government which is the true ruling power of our country.” The inventor of group mind creation was Edward Bernays, whose book, Crystallizing Public Opinion was prominent in the library of Joseph Goebbels, Hitler’s minister for public enlightenment and propaganda.

Goebbels is quoted as saying: “If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it.” Before Sacramento, mind management was by the editorial control and expressed opinions of the media owners. Newspapers and a few magazines were the sources for minds until the arrival of radio and then television. Selections and distortions of news were usual. Citizens of the United States in 2016 perceived the United States as having a failed government, a perception nurtured by forces that had their origin in Sacramento, California.

That Group Mind’s perception of the U.S. government had its origin in Sacramento, California in 1984. After Sacramento, Talk Radio and Television became dominant. Their money-making power often allowed them to contradict the media owner’s views.

The talk shows big lie was “government is bad,” a generalization as bad as are all generalizations.

Conservative Talk Radio

Started by Rush Limbaugh in Sacramento, California

Talk Stream Live --TSL List

The TSL Power 50 February 10, 2018   (the top 25)
1 Michael Savage 2 Rush Limbaugh 3 Laura Ingraham 4 Sean Hannity 5 Mark Levin 6 Clyde Lewis 7 George Noory 8 Alex Jones 9 Hugh Hewitt 10 Glenn Beck 11 Dennis Prager 12 Howie Carr 13 Mike Gallagher 14 Red Eye Radio 15 Tammy Bruce 16 Chris Plante 17 John Batchelor 18 The Dana Show 19 Larry Elder 20 Michael Medved 21 IMUS 22 Brian Kilmeade 23 The Power Hour 24 Joe Pags 25 Larry Kudlow )

and see Wikipedia article on Conservative talk radio

3 - A Demagogue shouts that HE will solve the problem

HE will make America Great Again

History has had countless charismatic leaders. We only remember those who built large empires in our own area:

They took command of troubled tribes or nations and went on to glory.

  • Ghengis Khan led his nomadic tribe to create a vast empire
    natural death
  • Muhammed, prophet of Islam, united quarreling Arabic tribes.
    natural death
  • Napolean
    rests in a glorious tomb in Paris -- leaving Paris to be occupied twice
  • Hirohito, aka Showa, god-like emperor of Japan
    survived his role in empire building as a convenience for the occupation of Japan by the U.S.
  • Mussolini made the trains of Italy run on time
    was murdered by a mob of his citizens.
  • Hitler revived the Germany economy and went on to cause horrors we know well.
    committed suicide in the rubble of a destroyed Germany.
  • Slobodan Milošević said to Serbs in Kosovo: “Nobody shall beat you,”
    died in a prison cell while on trial for war crimes
None of these strong-talking narcissistic megalomaniacs took command of a successful great nation such as the United States in 2016. -- Few of them survived the ultimate end of their rule.

4 - Today Donald Trump is President of the United States

The sturdy Constitution of the United States of America will survive a narcissistic megalomaniac shaking up a government rightly perceived as failed.

The state of the Constituition and Nation when he leaves remains to be learned.

Proof of the author's expertise: prediction during the primaries.

May 2016 prediction

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