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Islam and the Fleas of My Cat

My cat has no fleas.   That is the work of the Muslim, Ibn Sina; and many Europeans and Americans such as Paracelsus, the bombastic father of pharmacy; Lavoisier, father of modern chemistry; Pasteur, father of bacteria; Fischer, father of proteins and carbohydrates; and the advanced science and technology of the *West*.

But there's hardly been a Muslim inventor since Ibn Sina (known as "Avicenna").

The Muslim followers of Avicenna rightly claim some credit. But Avicenna lived in the year 1000 A.D. His cat had fleas. Avicenna's descendants contributed nothing and all of his cat's descendants have fleas.

A drop on top of his head once a month frees my cat of fleas. Avicenna is angry that all Muslim cats still have fleas. Muslims do not invent new insecticides, nor build autos, nor land airplanes.

Centuries ago the Muslims invented a symbol for *nothing*, called it "zero," changed mathematics and invented "algebra." But zero was as far as Islam got. Mohammed, may he and his cats rest in peace, left instructions from God, sent by way of the Archangel Gabriel, telling Mohammedans to learn. They have not obeyed or have been somehow blocked -- or claim so.

Muslims -- and Christians and Jews as well -- disdain instructions from God. In the Koran, Allah told them to learn. In the words of the Prime Minister of Malaysia, Mahathir bin Mohamad: "The Industrial Revolution was totally missed by the Muslims". The Christians and Jews, acting on their own, learned the Renaissance, the Industrial Revolution, the Enlightenment, and Democracy -- and learned how to keep fleas off my cat. But flea-less cats are dangerous

Muslims fear that the West with its flea-less cats will take the hoods from their women and destroy their failed world. Muslim men must hide their women. Both Muslim men and Muslim women are willing to die to protect the head scarves of the women. The children of the Prime Minister of Turkey are too Muslim to attend colleges in Turkey. The girls insist on wearing head scarves and the boy was educated in Muslim schools. They must attend colleges in the U.S.A.

A fifth of Humankind follows Islam: some 1.3 billion human beings - one person in five. But only 370 patents were issued to people in Arab countries in twenty years. In South Korea -- a nation of 48 million -- during that same period, 16,000 patents were issued. No more than 10,000 books were translated into Arabic in the last 1000 years. That many are translated into Spanish each year.

The Arab world governments have the lowest voice of the people and the lowest accountability of any region of the world. There is no Arab democracy. There is only one Islamic democracy: Turkey, where democracy is maintained by frequent military coups and airplanes race along the Golden Horn.

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